The Book Nook

I have long been a lover of books.  Some of my earliest memories have to do with reading.  My mother doesn’t know how it actually happened, but by the time I started kindergarten I had taught myself to read.  In kindergarten and first grade my favorite companions were the Bobbsey Twins, and by second grade I was a fan of Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys.  All the books we had were hardcover.  I remember that the first time I bought a book it cost $3.50, and when the price went up to $4.00 my parents thought they were getting a bit pricey.

I found out that it didn’t matter too much, because one day my mother took me to the Civic Park Library in Flint.    What a glorious find!  I discovered that there were rows and rows of books just waiting to be read.  I introduced many of my favorites to my children, and judging by their reactions, I think it is safe to assume that my grandchildren will be reading some of the same books I read as a child.

I invite you to read my comments on some of my favorite books, and I would love to hear your comments in response.  We are not in the same geographical location,  but our love of books brings us together.  So grab a cup of coffee and join me for a book discussion in the comments section of The Book Nook.

Happy reading!

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