Are You Smarter than a Hadley Cow?

I was driving on a back road in Hadley when I spied a cow that made me laugh.  You would have laughed, too.

He was part of a gang of cows.  His buddies were pretty nondescript.  Munching contentedly on yellowing grass, they gazed impassively at the passing cars.  Standard cow behavior.  But the cow in question stood out from the rest of the herd.  He was grazing right at the edge of the field, very close to the road.  His forelegs were bent while his rump was raised high in the air.  He was craning his neck through the opening of the wire perimeter fence trying to reach a patch of grass just beyond his reach.

He looked so ridiculous that I actually laughed out loud.  There were literally acres of pasture land behind him where he could have munched to his heart’s content, but that one little clump of grass just outside the boundary of the fence was apparently irresistible.  Not only did he look silly, he also looked quite uncomfortable in his undignified posture.  I was wondering if he would need the cow equivalent of physical therapy when he went back to the barn that night.

That cow just didn’t have the smarts to recognize that he had all he needed right on his side of the fence.  Thankfully, the farmer had the foresight to install the fence so that his cows would be kept safe.   If he hadn’t, I am pretty sure there would be one less cow in Hadley tonight.

So, I’m wondering.  Are you smarter than a Hadley cow?

I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.   Paul the Apostle, circa 60 AD


6 thoughts on “Are You Smarter than a Hadley Cow?

    • Jackie, I agree with you that it is a slow process. I once had an elderly pastor tell me that he was still in kindergarten in the school of faith! But it is so encouraging when God shows us that we are making progress in becoming more like Jesus. Praise Him!

  1. getting this insight from “head” to “heart” is the tricky part!! however, well worth the effort. thanks for the reminder. B

    • Barb, If you have never read “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment”, I highly recommend it. It was written by Jeremiah Burroughs in the 1600’s and is all about this mystery of contentment. I would recommend the Banner of Truth edition as it is a bit easier to read. It is a bit of a challenge to read, but well worth the effort.

  2. This made me laugh and then I had to read it aloud to Mike. SO true of all of us at times. I am really working on living in the moment, which also leads me in the direction of contentment, rather than striving. I find that for the most part I am able to be grateful and contented with the material world I live in, and that is not what tempts me. But goals and accomplishments yet to be attained can be my undoing at times. Thanks for reminding me to look right at my feet instead of just beyond the fence!

    • Bev, I am with you. I too am content with the possessions I have, but I want to accomplish something more with my life and that can make me restless at times. But that silly looking cow was a good reminder to me to be content with the pasture I am in!

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