Spring is Delayed and for this I Rejoice

The sun shines weakly from an anemic blue sky.  Snow covers frozen ground.  Bare branches reach imploringly toward the heavens as if to say, When will we be clothed?

How long, O Lord?  How long must we wait?

Longings begin to stir in the body that has huddled for warmth against the chill of winter.  For what does it yearn?  Warm sun to caress an upturned face.  Brown, matted grass returning to life.  Buds breaking free from the bonds that have held them captive.  Birds celebrating with song.

How long, O Lord?  How long must we wait?

It is not just the outer shell that huddles for warmth.  The innermost part may shiver with cold and cry out for relief.  When will this benumbed heart feel the warmth of the Fire?  When will the warm Oil flow over the frozen recesses of this battered heart?

How long, O Lord?  How long must we wait?

And yet, as we enter into this Holiest of Weeks, is it not right and good that the Lord has said, “Wait” ?Is it not fitting that, along with the shivering soul, all of nature hold its breath waiting for the Son to rise?

The calendar says spring is here, but it is certain that the reality of the season will also come.  How soul-satisfying it would be for the sun to share its warmth on the day we celebrate the rising of the Son.

It is because of the Son that our souls need not live in winter.  Indeed, even spring can be bypassed    as the soul basks in the warmth of His love.

He brought light out of darkness, not out of a lesser light, and he can bring thee summer out of winter, though thou hast no spring. Though in the ways of fortune, understanding, or conscience thou hast been benighted till now, wintered and frozen, clouded and eclipsed, damped and benumbed, smothered and stupefied, now God comes to thee, not as the dawning of the day, not as the bud of the spring, but as the sun at noon.      John Donne


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