A Long Drink

I collapse in the swing beneath the crab apple tree and breathe deep.  This will not be the lingering long in God’s presence that my soul craves. Though filling is what I need, the clock dictates I remain empty.  This squeezing in before the rush to work does not fit well.

Looking back, I unroll the scroll that has been my day. Before the swing there was

-Caring for the dog.  Necessity.                                                                                                         -Chicken salad chilling.  Banana bread cooling on the counter.  Family must eat.     -Exercise.  “Physical training is of some value”, says Paul.                                              -Ministry: online shopping, planning, organizing.  Kingdom work.                                   -Check email.  Only takes a few minutes.                                                                                         -Awake with dawn.  Enjoy chirping birds outside bedroom window.  Content.  Full.

No wasted time; no idleness or sloth.  Satisfying each one, so why am I drained?  How did the fullness leak out?

Puzzled I reconsider.  And there it is.  The error that brings me thirsting to this swing.  Between the music of the birds and the hum of the computer, there is nothing.  No reading of  Scripture, no study of Proverbs, no opening of John Piper’s  “When I Don’t Desire God”, no recording in journal of truths revealed.  No communion with God. The rushing so quickly into the day tore a tiny hole in my fullness.  Bit by bit it has leaked and now I sit empty.  With no time for filling.

There is this habit of the swing before work; it satisfies the senses.  Soft breezes; scent of fresh cut grass;  buzz of bees; blue skies framing tall green trees;  Ewok with his chin on my leg.  All of this plus love letters from God in my hands.  It is enough to fill to the brim.

But today I arrive too late.  No time for refreshment of the soul and senses.  No time for reading of love letters.  Of the ‘morning, noon, and night’ of prayer, the swing is my noon, but I have neglected the morning.  It shows.  Fullness is sustained with deep morning drinks; the swing is the time for sips, refilling to the brim.

How good of God to show me I thirst.  Without Him telling, I would not taste the dryness.  This parched, shrivelled soul is content with drought.  It does not know there is something more.  Without Him telling, there would be no drinking.

Tomorrow between the awaking and the getting to the business of the day, there will a long drink. Of this I’m sure.

They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; And You give them to drink of the river of Your delights.  Psalm 36:8


3 thoughts on “A Long Drink

  1. I can just see you on the swing with Ewok. So beautifully written. I can tell we’re still kindred spirits because my blog post today is about needing Living Water. Even far apart we think the same way. : )

    • Did you notice the Psalm that went with this post? Kindred spirits indeed. Why is it that we reluctantly drag our feet to the One with whom we are so satisfied? Our sin nature does not die easily.

  2. oh yes… how is it we all often get to that place of running out of time for the ONE we need to fill us? For me it is a prayer and communion with God before I let me feet slide off the bed in the morning — listening to the birds chirping out my window…..sometimes the pitter of rain, like this morning, and the soft voices from the other room that are up and ready for the day before I am…..I surely need that waking filling before I start the day! Yet, there are those mornings I jump out of bed and neglect those beginning moments of the day that are meant for talking with my LORD — and away we go – just like you described…where we are going and doing and have run out of time for the filling….and we are empty and fatigued…and thank God, for showing us….He has made us to know we are thirsty….thanks for that reminder so eloquently put! And isn’t it a blessing – that no matter when we realize and come to Him, we can be filled, morning, noon, or night and all the seconds in between : ) !!

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